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I wanted to thank you for setting up a GREAT fantasy site. The payout system is exactly what I was looking for. Your site offers many different ways to win your many back and keep you involved if you fall out of the hunt for the championship. This is my first year in the SFL 500 and only one week into the season your site has exceeded all my expectations. The live scoring is GREAT!! When I had a question about the scoring instead of some generic answer through email, I got phone call. Just because you wanted to be sure I was comfortable with the integrity of site. You've earned a life time member and I'll be telling all my friends and family about this site.


Red Right Return

As this year's Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge Champion I want to thank Sports Fantasy Leagues for the great team based format that I find so much fun to play in. Thanks also for the big check and the giant Champion's trophy. I have been playing in this league for over three years and I love this league and how exciting it makes every televised football game.

I used to watch only Dallas Cowboys games as a Cowboy fan but the Live League Scoring in this league adds interest to every game played each week and I now find myself enjoying every NFL game that is broadcast on TV. During the final week, Live League Scoring showed three teams that we catching me in the Championship and I began biting my nails thinking I wasn't going to win it. I can't express the excitement, panic, and thrill of watching the games knowing which teams had to win or lose for me to hold my Championship lead. In the end, I won the Championship but it was so close and so exciting that I just have to thank Sports Fantasy Leagues. You guys are the best and I can't wait for the 2009 Football season to start.

Tony's Mowers

Looking forward to another great year of racing. Thanks for running the best fantasy racing league on the Internet.

Killer KATs

I have played in the SFL now for several years and it never ceases to amaze me with the fun I have with everyone ! The other racers become family and I look forward to spending every Sunday or Saturday night with them. Its like having one gigantic living room with everyone in it rooting for their drivers :) I love the live leage scoring page and the additions you brought to it last year. For someone who is thinking of participating this year, I would definitely say DO IT !! You will love every minute of it, even the defeats. LOL


If you like NASCAR and enjoy competition, the SFL is your league. I have been a Team Owner (Team Member #77) for going on 8 years. You can treat your "Race Team" just like the big guys. The Competition is just as intense. With the "Live League Scoring" you see exactly where your team stacks up lap for lap against other Team Owners in the league.

Furthermore, Sport Fantasy League also has a password protected chat board that a lot of us team owners us as a press conference/press release board. Like I said, you can treat your team as a real race team. You can tell exactly how your "Team" did, what was the major down fall, how you are going to correct it and make up the points for next week. Or even go as far as bragging on how you won the $100.00 prize money on one of the "Double CASH Bonus races" Post race interviews and all the trash talk is just part of the game.

But the best thing about the SFL is the friendship that you make while banging fenders at Bristol or drafting a Daytona. Joining the Sport Fantasy League not only lets you taste what it is like to be a "Race Team Owner". You become a part of a caring family of friends. Now go to the "Registration Page", sign up! You wont regret it.

Member #77

Racing in the Sports Fantasy League (SFL) is a great way to feel closer to the actual race. It has changed the way I view a race! Most folks that follow NASCAR have the one or two favorite drivers. I am no different but by participating in SFL I have 12 drivers to follow each race and to cheer on. Watching the live league scoring as your team moves up and down the scoring pylon makes the racing so much more fun and interactive than only following your favorites. I also find more information there about where a driver is in the race than simply listening to TV or radio!

The forum offers the opportunity to interact with other team owners and talk some smack before, during and after the race, pre & post-race tongue in cheek press releases, commiseration and congratulations at the races conclusion is all there. I have greatly enjoyed helping a friend with setting up his team each week - discussing who to put on the team for each track had us researching the Internet for any tidbit that may give us an advantage over another team. I got my own team last year (Jae's Revenge) and had a great time finishing ahead of him in the standings! I even won the Bob Ballard Memorial trophy! A very special trophy for winning the fall race event at Charlotte. Bob a former SFL owner was great fun to race against and interact with in the SFL. He is remembered by many and the memorial trophy is a cherished addition to the SFL. Join the will never watch racing the same!

Jae White - Team Owner of Jae's Revenge

I really enjoy playing in the SFL for many reasons, but the best one is because of all the friends I made in the league. It's fun to compete against them and follow the live league scoring during races to see how it all plays out. Reading all the press releases and posts from the other racers makes it all the more fun.

With the SFL, you can set up a core set of drivers and be competitive week in and week out, or you can trade some drivers based on the track and hope you've done your homework or have luck on your side.

It's always a great time! Just beware of making Member 77's "Hit List."

True Blue Racing

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