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Featuring simple league scoring by team points, Real Time On-Line Live League Scoring, Championship and Weekly Cash Prizes, Championship Trophies, Statistics Cash prizes, Small League Size, and Career Statistics accumulated from year to year.

The SFL Football Challenge is played throughout the 17 week NFL regular season games. Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge Team Owners manage their fantasy football team consisting of their selections of 1 Special or Extra NFL team that scores BOTH offensive and defensive points, 10 Offensive NFL teams that score offensive points only if they win their game, and 2 Defensive teams that score defensive points. Your fantasy team accumulates points based on the final NFL game scores each week. Small league sizes provide all fantasy team owners with realistic opportunities to win cash prizes. Team Owners may manage as many SFL Fantasy Football Challenge teams as they wish and discounts are provided for multiple team owners. All league participants must agree to all Sports Fantasy League terms and conditions.

All Sports Fantasy Leagues programs are limited to a small number of fantasy teams per league. Unlike many of the other fantasy leagues where you compete against hundreds and even thousands of players, SFL leagues are much smaller providing all fantasy teams with greater percentages to win multiple prizes. Other companies may advertise much larger cash prizes but your chances of winning any prizes are extremely slim when competing against hundreds or thousands of team owners. Sports Fantasy Leagues is committed to providing exciting league play with very reasonable chances to win weekly and championship cash prizes.

Real time on-line live league scoring adds to the excitement of league play by providing you information about the current performance of each team in your league as the games unfold. Durring all regular season games, you can view the current standings for the week based on the current NFL scores and game results at the time you visit or refresh the Live League Scoring page.

All Team selections are published prior to the start of the first game each week after the trade deadline expires. This information shows what NFL teams have been selected for each Fantasy Football team in your league and is shown in the Live League Scoring page and on the Scoring Sheets page. Sample Scoring Sheet

Fantasy team selections are not published before the trade deadline so no other Fantasy Team Owner can see what changes you may make to your team until the deadline expires when no more changes can be made to your team for that week. This prevents teams from copying each other's weekly strategies yet provides the information you need so you'll know what NFL teams need to win or lose or score more points to help your fantasy team(s) score more points then the other teams in your league.

You manage your team by reviewing the NFL schedule each week. Using the schedule of games played each week you try to determine which NFL teams will win, which NFL teams will score the most points, and which NFL teams will give up the least amount of points scored against them. Your object is to pick the best combination of NFL teams for your fantasy football team each week that will yield the most offensive points while allowing the least amount of defensive points scored against them. Your total defensive points (points scored against your two Defensive teams and your Special team) get deducted from your total Offensive points to determine your total points scored for the current week.

You pick your ten Offensive teams (2 from each of 5 Groups of NFL teams) based on who you think will win and score high points. For each or the 10 NFL teams you are carrying as your offensive teams you will receive the points they scored in the game if they win. Your Offensive teams must win for you to get the points they scored in the game or you will get 5 points if their game ends in a tie. The total points scored by your 10 offensive teams that win get added to your total offensive score for the week.

You pick your two defensive teams (1 from each of 2 groups of NFL teams) based on which teams you believe will have a low number of points scored against them. The total points scored against the two defensive teams you have selected will be deducted from your total offensive points whether your two defensive teams win or lose their game. There is a minus 40 point penalty deducted from your offensive points for each Defensive team and Special team that you carry that is on a bye for that week.

Pick your Special Team based on what team will score the most points and give up the least amount of points. Your Special Team is an extra team that earns offensive points based on the total points that NFL team scored in the game whether they win or lose. Also, the points scored against the NFL team selected as your Special Team will be deducted from your total offensive points. You pick one NFL team from a group of all NFL teams to be your Special Team and you can NOT carry this NFL team in any of your 10 Offensive or 2 Defensive team positions. Like your Defensive teams, carrying a NFL Team that is on a bye in your Special team position will result in a 40 point penalty deducted from your total offensive points. Unlike your Offensive teams, the Special team will earn the points they scored in the game even if they lose their game.

You can change any of your ten Offensive teams, your two Defensive teams, and your Special team selections each week or leave your team the way it is. You manage your team as you see fit based on the schedule of NFL games for that week. Please do not confuse your fantasy Special team with NFL special teams. Your Special team is simply an extra team that adds offensive points and deducts defensive points based on the final total points scored in the game and not just points that may have been scored by NFL special team players.

Any NFL team you select for one of your ten Offensive positions can also be selected for your defense. The Special team you select can NOT be used in any Offensive or Defensive positions.

The points your Fantasy Football Challenge team earns each week are accumulated for each of the 17 regular season weeks. Each week, cash prizes are awarded as per the Cash Prize Schedule for the 7 top scoring SFL Football Challenge League teams. At the end of the 17 week regular season, the Fantasy Football Challenge team in your league with the most points is crowned the Champion, awardrd a $1,000.00 cash prize and a very big beautiful trophy. Please see the Cash Prize Schedule page for all the Weekly cash prizes, Season ending Championship and Statitical cash prizes, and trophies that are awarded.

Weekly Team Scoring Example:
The following example shows a typical Fantasy Football Challenge team and the NFL teams selected for that week's games. In this example the points scored by the selected NFL teams are shown to the left of the points scored by the opposing team. Based on whether the NFL team won, lost, or tied, the right side column shows the points that would be accumulated for the SFL Football Challenge team.

1 Denver Won 24 to 17 24
2 Minnesota Lost 17 to 20 0
3 Dallas Won 28 to 21 28
4 Miami Tied 24 to 24 5
5 Oakland Won 21 to 10 21
6 Seattle Lost 13 to 17 0
7 Detroit Lost 28 to 33 0
8 Washington Tied 13 to 13 5
9 St. Louis Won 37 to 13 37
10 Cleveland Lost 21 to 24 0
1 Denver Lost 13 to 17 -17
2 NY Giants Won 28 to 10 -10
1 Indianapolis Won 27 to 13 14
Total SFL Points Earned for this team this week = 107

Special Rulings
The SFL reserves the right to make special rulings that may effect the scoring in special cases where games may be cancelled or postponed or in any other special case which may present a situation that would not be fair to ALL teams. The intent of these rulings would be to resolve any issue such that the league scoring remains fair for all teams and would only be made in extremely rare situations. In the over 12 year history of the SFL Fantasy Football Challenge we have never had a need to make any special rulings.

Any of the twelve (13) NFL teams on your fantasy team may be traded on or off your team each week based on how you expect the games to turn out. Trades are not mandatory but can increase the performance of your fantasy team each week. Any NFL team traded onto your team will remain on your team until you select to trade that team off. Any NFL team traded off must be replaced by an NFL team in the same group. There is no limit to the number of trades you can make and your personal fully integrated team operations page creates a very simple online process to make any changes to your team. Trade fees are shown on the Prize Schedule page.

Trade deadlines are strictly enforced automatically by the web site to provide a level playing field for all league competitors and to provide a suitable amount of time in order to publish the current week's Fantasy Football Team Selections prior to the start of the first game of the week. This deadline may vary from week to week based upon the start of the first game for each week. Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday games begin each weekly event. Monday night games are always the last game of each weekly event. Trade deadlines are always posted at the web site and you will receive an email each time the trade deadline is updated.

You will also receive an automated email each time you submit any changes to your team. This email simply shows you the changes you made to your team as a confirmation. You can make changes to your team all week long prior to the trade deadline but you are only charged for any changes that result in carrying a different NFL team from the previous week. So if for your Offensive posision you have the NY Giants from the previous week and you go in Tuesday and replace them with Miami and then on Wednesday you replace Miami with the NY Giants putting them back on your team your are not charged. That example would not be counted as a trade because the NY Giants was on the team the previous week.

Weekly ties can occur as a result of Team Owners having identical teams or because of a mathematical coincidence in the points scored. In case of a tie in any of the Top Seven finishing positions ties will be broken based on the current (as of that week) Championship Points Standings. The higher finishing position will be awarded to the SFL team that is higher in the points standings. In the rare event of any teams being tied for the weekly points but are also tied in the Championship Points then the tie will remain in place and the cash prizes will be awarded by combining the finishing position's cash prize amounts, and splitting the prize amount equally between the teams that are tied. Please refer to the following example for a tie that is NOT broken by the Championship Points standings because both teams have the same amount Championship points.:

Weekly Tie Example:
Team A and Team B are tied for second place. The posted weekly cash prize schedule for second place is $50.00 and $40.00 for third place. Team A and B would split the total of the second and third place prize amounts ($50 +$40) and would each recieve a $45.00 cash prize in this example.

Though unlikely, it is possible for a tie to occur in the Championship Points at the end of the season. A Championship tie is resolved by granting the Championship to the team with the most weekly wins. If they have the same amount of weekly wins then it is resolved by the most weekly Top 5 finishes.

WEEKLY LEAGUE STANDINGS UPDATES ( Sample Weekly Standings Report )
Each week, the league standings for all team owners in your league will be updated to the SFL web site. This page shows the latest league results, weekly winners, weekly results and the updated Championship points standings as well as total wins, total top five finishes and total cash Prizes won by each team. Using your TEAM NAME as your log in ID and your selected password, you will be able to view the standings inside the league operations pages. These updates are normally posted within 24 hours after the final game of the week. Additionally, statistics are provided to show how many points each team may need to catch the current Football Challenge leader, Bonus Program results, the team that has so far scored the highest points in a week (there is a cash prize for this too) and other league statistics.

BONUS PROGRAM (Mini-Championship) WEEKS
There are seven weeks designated as Bonus Program weeks. The points scored in these 7 Bonus Program weeks get accumulated for a sort of MINI-CHAMPIONSHIP. The team scoring the most points for just these seven designated BONUS weeks will win the Bonus Program Winner's Cash Prize. A Cash Prize is also awarded to the second place finisher of this Mini-Championship. This Mini-Championship is in addition to the Season Points Championship which pays cash prizes for the top 10 teams in the points standings.

Using your personal integrated Team Trades page, you will select your initial fantasy team from the groups shown below. Select two teams from each of the five offensive groups and one team from each of the two defensive groups, and 1 team as your Special team. Your team should then consist of ten offensive teams, two defensive teams, and one special team. Teams used on offense may also be used on defense but the Special team cannot be used for offense or defense.

Offensive Group 1   Defensive Group 2
1 Indianapolis   1 Atlanta
2 Denver   2 Miami
3 New England   3 N.Y. Giants
4 Seattle   4 N.Y. Jets
5 Green Bay   5 Oakland
6 Dallas   6 Philadelphia
Offensive Group 2   7 Tampa Bay
1 Arizona   8 Washington
2 Cincinnati   9 Carolina
3 Detroit   10 Chicago
4 Baltimore   11 New Orleans
5 Philadelphia   12 Indianapolis
6 Pittsburgh   13 Pittsburgh
Offensive Group 3   14 St. Louis
1 Buffalo   15 Tennessee
2 San Francisco   16 Jacksonville
3 Kansas City   Special Group
4 San Diego   1 Arizona
5 Miami   2 Denver
6 Houston   3 Detroit
Offensive Group 4   4 Green Bay
1 N.Y. Giants   5 Houston
2 New Orleans   6 Indianapolis
3 Minnesota   7 Jacksonville
4 Carolina   8 Kansas City
5 St. Louis   9 Miami
6 Atlanta   10 Minnesota
7 Cleveland   11 N.Y. Giants
Offensive Group 5   12 Atlanta
1 Chicago   13 N.Y. Jets
2 Tennessee   14 New England
3 N.Y. Jets   15 New Orleans
4 Jacksonville   16 Oakland
5 Oakland   17 Philadelphia
6 Tampa Bay   18 Pittsburgh
7 Washington   19 San Diego
Defensive Group 1   20 San Francisco
1 Arizona   21 Seattle
2 Denver   22 St. Louis
3 Houston   23 Baltimore
4 San Diego   24 Tampa Bay
5 San Francisco   25 Tennessee
6 Seattle   26 Washington
7 Green Bay   27 Buffalo
8 Buffalo   28 Carolina
9 Baltimore   29 Chicago
10 Dallas   30 Cincinnati
11 Cincinnati   31 Cleveland
12 Detroit   32 Dallas
13 Minnesota    
14 Kansas City    
15 Cleveland    
16 New England    

After you register, your team will be activated as soon as SFL receives your league registration fee. Once your team is activated you will have full access to the league operations area including on-line trading, live league scoring, pre-event scoring and the league announcements and standings pages.

Trade fees are accumulated and posted to your SFL account at the end of each weekly update. All your winnings, league fees, league payments, and SFL payouts are tracked for you automatically through this account. This information is provided in your own personal SFL Account Balance page which only you can see. Weekly cash payouts can be requested at any time during the season otherwise SFL will hold your winnings in your account until the end of the season when all Weekly and Championship cash prizes, trophies, bonus awards, and winnings are distributed.

SFL reserves the right to temporarily disqualify any team owner from league play and accumulating Championship and Weekly points for nonpayment of any league fees. Your account balance must have enough funds to cover the cost of any trades you wish to make. The web site will prevent you from making more trades then you have the funds in your account to cover. You can always go to your account balance page to make a credit card payment to increase the funds in your account. It is the full responsibility of each team owner to maintain an appropriate account balance to support the number of trades you wish to make. Any winnings added to your account can be used to cover trade fees.

It is illegal to copy or duplicate any Sports Fantasy Leagues formats, league documentation, or support software without the prior written consent from Sports Fantasy Leagues. SFL reserves the right to cancel the creation of the league prior to season start or at any time due to any technical development that may interrupt league operation as per the stated rules. SFL will provide a full 100% refund to all current league participants in the unlikely event of a league cancellation.

Sports Fantasy Leagues is not affiliated with the NFL, NASCAR, PGA or any official sports sanctioning body. SFL is not responsible for paying any taxes as a result of cash prizes you may win. SFL does not guarantee that you will win a cash prize if you enter any SFL league. All league competitors enter at their own risk.

All league participants must agree to all the Sports Fantasy Leagues terms and conditions.

Please try our small fantasy football league format and give yourself a real chance to win. We're sure you will agree that Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge offers the best fantasy football league entertainment for you.

Register to play and join the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country, the Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge!

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