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Presenting the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country featuring great cash prizes Championship Trophies, Live League Scoring during all NFL games, small league sizes, and Fantasy Team Career Statistics that you accumulate from year to year.

Register to play and join the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country. Please read more about our league below because we are sure you will really enjoy playing in this league.

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SGL500 Trophies

Our TEAM BASED Football Fantasy Leagues have many advantages over PLAYER based leagues. Less time and research is required to manage your team as you do not need to learn the quality of every player in the NFL.

There is no draft that could give the advantage to some teams that get to draft the exceptional players due to the draft order and every SFL team owner gets to pick the NFL teams they want to represent their team each week. This prevents the competition from having any advantage throughout the season.

You get to manage your team by selecting ten NFL teams to represent your offensive scoring for the week and two NFL teams to represent your Defense to determine how many points your team gives up each week. You also select one Special (extra) Team that counts for both Offensive and Defensive Scoring. You can change your Offense and Defense and your Special Team from week to week based on the NFL schedule and what teams you believe will perform best for offense and for defense that week.

Your Fantasy Team's statistics are accumulated from year to year and posted to our Career Statistics page. This page can be sorted by any of the column headers such as Career Winnings, Years Played, Weekly Wins, and much more.

Register to play and join the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country or read more about our league below.

Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge is great for those who are too busy to follow the individual statistics of every single player in the NFL. The SFL Football Challenge is not based on individual player statistics. It is based on the NFL game scores for all of the regular season games. This simplifies the maintenance of your team because there is no time consuming draft, no secret trade deals, and no need to study the individual performance of every player in the league. And our exciting Live League Scoring puts you in the middle of the action during all games.

Manage your team by reviewing the NFL schedule each week and set up your team online in your private Team Operations page. Using the schedule of games played each week you try to determine which NFL teams will win, which NFL teams will score the most points, and which NFL teams will give up the least amount of points scored against them. Your object is to pick the best combination of NFL teams for your fantasy football team each week that will yield the most offensive points while allowing the least amount of defensive points scored against them. Your total defensive points (points scored against your two Defensive teams and your Special team) get deducted from your total Offensive points to determine your total points scored for the current week.

Pick your Special Team based on what team will score the most points and give up the least amount of points. Your Special Team is an extra team that earns offensive points based on the total points that team scored in the game whether they win or lose. Also, the points scored against your Special Team will be deducted from your total offensive points.

Pick your ten Offensive teams based on who you think will win and score a lot of points. Your Offensive teams must win for you to get the points they scored in the game unlike your Special Team that gives you the total points they scored in the game weather they win or lose.

Pick your two defensive teams based on which teams you believe will have a low number of points scored against them. You can change your Special team, any of your ten Offensive team, and/or your two Defensive team selections each week or leave your team the way it is. You manage your team as you see fit based on the schedule of NFL games for that week.

Register to play and join the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country or read more about our league below.

Watching our Live League Scoring during ALL games greatly increases your interest in EVERY NFL game being played and not just the NFL game with your favorite team. Our Live League Scoring shows the points your team has earned based on the current game scores in a table that shows all the Sports Fantasy Football League Teams in your fantasy league that you are competing against.

Before the first game of the week starts, we publish the NFL team selections of all the fantasy football teams in your league. This information is also shown in our Live League Scoring so you can see what NFL teams have to win or lose, score more points or give up less points to help your team score more points than the teams you are competing against.

Our Live Scoring page also shows your total Championship points earned to date, how many positions you are moving up or down in the Championship Points Standings, and how many points your team may be behind the team currently scoring the most points during the current week's games.

If you have managed your team well that week, you should be in the hunt for the weekly cash prizes as the Sunday night and Monday night games approach. These games will have you at the edge of your seat all game long because our Live League Scoring will show you how the results of these final games of the week can determine if your fantasy team wins the Weekly Cash prizes or not and how many points you will accumulate towards the season ending Championship.

The excitement grows throughout the regular season games as you accumulate points towards the Football Challenge Championship and the large cash prizes and trophies, and rack up top five and top ten statistics while you try to win the weekly cash prizes.

Please see our Fantasy Football Challenge Rules for a detailed description of all league rules. Please see our Cash Prize Schedule to see our Weekly cash prizes, Double cash weekly prizes, Trophies, Statistics cash prize awards and the league fees.

Please try our small fantasy football league format and give yourself a real chance to win and we're sure you will agree that Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge offers the best fantasy football league entertainment for you.

Register to play and join the best TEAM BASED Fantasy Football League in the country, the Sports Fantasy Leagues Football Challenge!

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