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Featuring real time on-line Live League Scoring (when available), Championship and Weekly Cash Prizes, Championship Trophys and Special Cash Awards, and your own integrated team operations pages.

The SFL500 NASCAR Challenge is played throughout the full NASCAR Cup series schedule. Sports Fantasy Leagues SFL 500 Team Owners select a personal team of 12 NASCAR Drivers from 5 different SFL defined driver groups. Each Driver on your team earns points for your team in each race based on NASCAR's 2016 points system. Each week you can make as many trades as you desire to increase your team performance. Team Owners may manage up to three (3) teams in any SFL league and discounts are provided for multiple team owners. All league participants must agree to all the Sports Fantasy League terms and conditions.

The five driver groups are primarily created from the final standings of the previous NASCAR Cup season with some modifications to account for new teams and driver changes. Your team of 12 drivers will always consist of two drivers from Group 1, two drivers from Group 2, three drivers from Group 3, three drivers from Group 4, and two drivers from Group 5. The driver groups are shown in the table below.

Group1   Group4
1 Brad Keselowski   1 Austin Dillon
2 Kevin Harvick   2 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
3 Kyle Busch   3 Kasey Kahne
4 Kyle Larson   4 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
5 Martin Truex Jr.   5 Ryan Newman
Group2   6 Trevor Bayne
1 Chase Elliott   Group5
2 Denny Hamlin   1 AJ Allmendinger
3 Jimmie Johnson   2 Paul Menard
4 Joey Logano   3 Ty Dillon
5 Matt Kenseth   4 Aric Almirola
Group3   5 Chris Buescher
1 Clint Bowyer   6 Cole Whitt
2 Daniel Suarez   7 Danica Patrick
3 Erik Jones   8 David Ragan
4 Jamie McMurray   9 Landon Cassill
5 Kurt Busch   10 Matt DiBenedetto
6 Ryan Blaney   11 Michael McDowell

Each Driver on your team earns points for your team based on the official NASCAR finishing order for each race. The NASCAR race finishing order determines how many points are earned by each of the 12 drivers on your team similar to the 2016 NASCAR Points system for that race. Starting in 2017 we will not be counting any points for leading laps. Points earned in each race determines the results of the weekly competition and these points are accumulated through the entire NASCAR Cup series season towards the SFL500 NASCAR Challenge League Championship. Race results are first posted as unofficial until NASCAR declares the race results official. Once the SFL declares a race official, the results can not be changed.

Driver points are awarded based on the finishing positions as follows:
Finished Points Finished Points
1 43 21 20
2 39 22 19
3 38 23 18
4 37 24 17
5 36 25 16
6 35 26 15
7 34 27 14
8 33 28 13
9 32 29 12
10 31 30 11
11 30 31 10
12 29 32 9
13 28 33 8
14 27 34 7
15 26 35 6
16 25 36 5
17 24 37 4
18 23 38 3
19 22 39 2
20 21 40 1

Each week you can make as many trades as you desire to increase your team performance. The points your team earns each week are accumulated for each of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Points races for the full season. Each week, cash prizes are awarded as per the Weekly Cash Prize Schedule for the top seven scoring SFL500 NASCAR Challenge League teams. At the end of the NASCAR Cup series season, cash prizes, trophys, and special awards are awarded as per the Cash Prize Schedule.
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Any of the twelve (12) drivers on your fantasy team may be traded each week based on how you expect the drivers to perform in each race. Trades are not mandatory but can increase the performance of your fantasy team each week. Any driver traded onto your team will remain on your team until you select to trade that driver out. Any driver traded out must be replaced by a driver in the same group as the driver traded out. There is no limit to the number of trades you can make. Trade costs are $2.00 each.

Trading is easy with our integrated team trade pages. This page shows driver groups and the current drivers on your team only. By using the pull down menus, you can easily set your team up the way you want it and submit your trades. You can do this several times each week and you will only be charged for the final number of trades you make each week. This is determined by counting the number of drivers that are different on your team this week from the previous week.

Trade deadlines are strictly enforced and are required to provide a level playing field for all league competitors and to provide a suitable amount of time in order to release the Pre-event Scoring Sheets and set up the Live Scoring pages prior to the start of the weekly races. This deadline may vary from week to week based upon the start day and time of each race. Trade deadlines are always posted at the web site and you will receive an email each time the trade deadline is changed. The trade deadlines are usually set to about 2 hours prior to the start of the race.

Weekly ties can occur due to the rare event of players picking the same team, or as a result of a mathematical coincidence. Weekly ties are resolved by using the current point standings. The team with more points in the current Championship points standings will be awarded the higher finishing position.

Though unlikely, it is possible for a tie to occur in the Championship Points at the end of the season. Season ending ties are resolved by granting the position to the team with the most weekly wins. If they have the same amount of weekly wins then it is resolved by the most weekly top 5 finishes. In the extremely rare case that the teams also have the same number of top 5 finishes, then it is resolved by the team with the most top 10 finishes. If this still does not resolve the tie, then the position is granted to the team that scored the highest points in any one week throughout the 36 week season.

Championship Points Tie Example
Team A and Team B are tied for the first place Champion's position at the end of the season.

Team A has 1780 points, 2 Wins, 4 Top 5 finishes, and 9 Top 10 finishes. Team B has 1780 points, 2 Wins, 5 Top 5 finishes, and 8 Top 10 finishes.

Because Team B has more Top 5 finishes than Team A, Team B wins the Championship, the large three tier Champion's trophy, and the scheduled Champion's cash prize. In this example Team A would finish second.
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After you register, your team will be activated as soon as SFL receives payment of the league registration fees for each team you register. Once your team is activated you will have full access to the league operations area including integrated on-line trading, live league scoring (when available), pre-event scoring sheets and the league statistics pages. Trade fees are required in advance so it is a good idea to pay more than the registration amount to cover your future trade fees.

Trade fees are accumulated and posted to your SFL account. This account receives deposits from payments you make via credit card or check and from your SFL weekly cash prize winnings. Trade fees are deducted from the credit in your account as they occur. You must have enough credit in your account to cover any trades you wish to make or you will not be able to submit any trades until you increase the credit in your account via credit card or check. Payments for all trade fees are due in advance. All positive balances will be returned by the SFL to you at the end of each season in addition to any applicable Championship prizes. Positive account balances over $100.00 can be withdrawn any time via email request.

The SFL Web Site will automatically prevent you from making trades if you do not have enough credit in your account to cover the number of trades you are making. This is automated and there are no exceptions to this. It is the full responsibility of each team owner to maintain an appropriate account balance and operate within these terms. All positive balances will be returned via SFL check one week after the final race of the season.

It is illegal to copy or duplicate any Sports Fantasy Leagues formats, league documentation, or support software without the prior written consent from Sports Fantasy Leagues. SFL reserves the right to cancel the creation of the league prior to season start or at any time due to any technical development that may interrupt league operation as per the stated rules. SFL will provide a full 100% refund to all current league participants in the highly unlikely event of a league cancellation.

Sports Fantasy Leagues is not affiliated with the NFL, NASCAR, PGA or any official sports sanctioning body. SFL is not responsible for paying any taxes as a result of cash prizes you may win. SFL does not guarantee that you will win a cash prize if you enter any SFL league. All league competitors enter at their own risk.

All league participants must agree to all the Sports Fantasy Leagues terms and conditions.
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