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The Fantasy Racing League YOU are looking for!

Great CASH PRIZES and beautiful TROPHIES with many ways to win!

Your CAREER STATISTICS accumulated and displayed from year to year!

Rookie of the Year points race with a big Rookie Trophy for the winner!

SMALL LEAGUE sizes running the full 36 race schedule!

Weekly updates within minutes after the race ends!

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SFL500 Trophies

We know what YOU are looking for in a fantasy racing league. Our fantasy racing league format has been developed by YOU, our team owners. We asked for feedback from our team owners each year and we listened and adapted our format to bring you the league YOU are looking for. Sports Fantasy Leagues SFL500 Racing Challenge fantasy league is based on the full NASCAR Cup Series. Drivers selected by you to be on your team earn points for your team according to the official NASCAR Nextel Cup Points System. Weekly Cash Prizes with Double Cash Weeks, Championship Cash Prizes and Trophies, Two Mini-Championship Points Bonus Program Cash Prizes, and Cash Prizes for Most Wins, Most Top 5 Finishes, Most Top 10 Finishes, Highest Points in a Week, and the Highest finishing Rookie provide many opportunities for you to win.

Each year you play you accumulate your career statistics for Years Played, Money Won, Championships won, Top Five Finishes, and much more. The Carreer Statistics page is always availble for you to view any time of the year. Show your friends how well you do and Challenge them to beat you. You can sort this page from top to bottom by the highest Values or by the lowest values by clicking on the Statistic you want to sort by.

The SFL500 Racing Challenge lets you manage the team you want by picking twelve (12) NASCAR Drivers from five SFL defined driver groups to make up your fantasy team. You can trade any of your 12 selections each week. View the qualifying results or practice results posted on NASCAR's home page each week then add your own intuition and pick your Drivers based on who you think will finish the highest in the race and score more points for your team. Integrated on-line trading simplifies the trade procedures and automatically sends you an email conformation of your trades.

The excitement grows throughout the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series races as you accumulate points towards the SFL500 Challenge Championship and large cash prizes and trophies, rack up top five statistics, and try to win the weekly cash prizes. Please see the SFL500 RULES page for a detailed description of the league rules and visit the Cash Prize Schedule to view the cash prizes and fees.

Click HERE to join our small leagues format and give yourself a real chance to win. We're sure you will agree that the Sports Fantasy Leagues SFL500 fantasy league format offers the best fantasy racing entertainment for you.


All Sports Fantasy Leagues programs are limited to a small number of fantasy teams per league. Unlike many of the other fantasy leagues where you compete against hundreds and even thousands of players, your chances of winning anything are extremely slim. SFL leagues are much smaller providing all fantasy teams with greater percentages to win multiple cash prizes. Sports Fantasy Leagues is committed to providing exciting league play with very reasonable chances to win weekly and championship cash prizes.

When multiple leagues are running for the same sport, the leagues are created such that there are an equal amount of team owners in each league and the same total cash prizes, trophies, and award schedules.

Real time on-line Live League Scoring adds to the excitement of league play by providing you information about the current performance of each fantasy team in your league as the races unfold. The sample shows the current weekly standings of a SFL500 league as a NASCAR race is ending. This information is displayed through out the race and watching your team move up and down the standings real time as the race progresses is very very exciting. This feature is not guaranteed as we cannot insure we can collect the data each year.

The pre-event scoring sheets can be used when you can not log on to live league scoring during a race as they add to the excitement of league play by providing you information about each team in your league. The scoring sheets are published on the web site prior to the start of each race after the trade deadline expires and all trades have been entered. This prevents teams from copying each others weekly strategies yet provides the information you need to watch the league results unfold.

The scoring sheets provide space for you to write in driver points or notes about driver performance while you watch the race unfold. This increases the fun and excitement as you get a picture of which NASCAR drivers need to do good or do poorly to help the performance of your fantasy league team(s) for the current week's race. All information shown on the scoring sheets are also shown on the Live League Scoring page and you would not need to use the scoring sheets if you are using the Live League Scoring feature.

Each week, the league statistics for all league team owners are published to the web site Operations area. These pages provide the latest league results and standings. Using your login name and password, you will be able to view the statistics for any league you are entered in. Sports Fantasy Leagues will update the weekly results as soon as the race is declared official by NASCAR and will post unofficial results usually within an hour after each race. Team statistics are provided to show how many points each team may need to catch the current SFL500 Championship Points leader. Additional league statistics are also posted along with each update. The open league format makes fixing results impossible and increases excitement by providing league statistics for each competitor in your league.

The seven highest finishers each week receive weekly cash prizes as per the SFL500 Cash Prize Schedule. Top 5 finishes, Wins, and the Highest Score in any one week are tracked on the Standings page each week for the Special Awards discussed below.

Four Special Awards are provided at the end of the season. They are awarded to the team owner that has the most "In the Money" finishes, the most weekly wins, the highest points scored in any one race, and the highest finishing Rookie. Please see the Cash Prize Schedule for the amounts of these cash prize awards.

The two Bonus Programs, one in each half of the season are winner-takes-all programs and the lucky winners of each program wins $200.00. Bonus Program A runs for the first half of the season and Bonus Program B runs in the second half. Both bonus Programs work the same way. Points are accumulated for specific races designated by SFL as posted on the Prize/Fee Schedule. The team that accumulates the most points after final Bonus Program race is completed is declared the winner and wins the cash prize. The designated Bonus Program races are displayed at the bottom of the Cash Prize Schedule page.

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